As a Canadian diagnosed with Celiac disease (with a certificate from a medical doctor), you may be eligible to make Canada Revenue Agency medical expense claims for the incremental cost of Gluten-Free products. Please go to the Canada Revenue Agency site, where you can obtain additional information on how to complete your tax return.

Note: If you were diagnosed with Celiac disease and followed a gluten free diet in the tax years 2000 and 2001, you may be eligible for additional retroactive Tax Credits (called Disability Tax Credits) for those years. Please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website for additional information.

The average timeframe for diagnosis of Celiac disease in Canada is 10 years. Because the symptoms can range from mild to severe and there is no definitive symptom (other than Dermatitis Hepitaformis), Celiac disease can often be overlooked. Once considered, Celiac blood tests are taken which can take up to 3 weeks for results and may provide a reasonable diagnosis.

To avoid this long wait, CELIACSURE™ can provide immediate results in the convenience of your own home.