Celiac test kit is positive if a red control line appears in the control field (labeled C) AND a light to dark red line forms in the test field (labeled T). The test indicates that there are Celiac disease associated IgA antibodies in the tested blood. Detection of these antibodies indicates with a high probability, existing Celiac disease.

If you do test positive according to the Celiac test kit, see your doctor; and continue with a normal diet under the continued supervision of your doctor until you have the diagnosis confirmed. The good news is, more than 70% of people with Celiac disease respond to a gluten free diet within days or weeks.

And remember, if you have tested positive for Celiac disease, early screening with Celiac test kit for your children, siblings and parents is important, as their risk factor for Celiac disease is reportedly 1 in 10.

For access to a “Doctor Letter” which will help you explain to your doctor the test and your results, click here

For more information on Celiac disease, contact The Canadian Celiac Association at www.celiac.ca or call 1-800-363-7296.

If celiac disease is diagnosed early and treated with a gluten-free diet, the damaged tissues can heal and the risk of developing many of the long term complications of this disease, including osteoporosis, some intestinal cancers and infertility can be reduced.