How does Celiac Test compare with your doctor's test?

Celiac Test is as accurate as a doctor's test and uses the same technology to detect specific IgA antibodies that react with tissue transglutaminase(tTG) - a well known indicator of Celiac disease.

A small pin-prick of blood from your finger tip is obtaines hygenically with the small sterile lancet within Celiac Test test. Results are provided in less than 10 minutes with a clear yes or no.

Celiac Test is a Medical Device that is licensed by Health Canada and meets the stringent European medical device requirements for a home test for Celiac disease (CE marked according to the IVD directive 98/79EC)

IMPORTANT: If you get a positive result with Celiac Test, it is essential that you continue with a normal diet and see your physician as soon as possible. Please refer to the Dear Doctor letter.

If celiac disease is diagnosed early and treated with a gluten-free diet, the damaged tissues can heal and the risk of developing many of the long term complications of this disease, including osteoporosis, some intestinal cancers and infertility can be reduced.