What happens if the Celiac Test kit is delivered when I am not at home?

Do not worry, the integrity of the Celiac test is retained. That being said, you must make sure that the Celiac Test Kit is at room temperature and check the expiry date found on the carton prior to use.

Can I use my Celiac test kit again?

The Celiac test kit is a single-use-only kit. Some of the components are sterilized for your protection and the sterilization would be compromised for additional tests. The test strip will only respond to one use.

What if the Control Line does not appear?

If the Control Line (labeled C) does not appear, you have likely not followed the Instructions for Use correctly. The test will need to be repeated with a new Celiac test kit.

If my Celiac test is positive, what should I do next?

If you test positive, you should contact your doctor. It is important to continue with your regular diet and any regular medication until you have consulted with your doctor and other medical practitioners.

What if I have not received my Celiac test kit in the time suggested?

Please call (905) 271-2122 and press “1” to reach Distribution and they will be happy to assist you.

If celiac disease is diagnosed early and treated with a gluten-free diet, the damaged tissues can heal and the risk of developing many of the long term complications of this disease, including osteoporosis, some intestinal cancers and infertility can be reduced.