Jan.29, 2013

Make the Switch to a Gluten-Free Diet

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So you’ve made the decision to go gluten-free to improve your health because you were diagnosed by your doctor with celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten. This means you now have to exclude wheat, rye and barley – as well as any derivatives of those grains -  from your diet and figure out the myriad of foods you may have never known contained gluten.

You also need to worry about cross contamination as for some people even the smallest crumb from a stray crouton on your starter salad can set off an intestinal nightmare.  Become an expert label reader at the super market so you don’t accidentally buy something that was processed at a plant that also processes gluten to avoid potential illness.

But don’t worry!  Going gluten-free can be amazing for your health and isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

Read more about making the cheapest adjustment now at: http://www.thebaynet.com/news/index.cfm/fa/viewstory/story_ID/30937

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