Jan.24, 2013

Babies Born During Summer Months Face Increased Risk For Developing Celiac Disease, Experts Say.

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Expecting  parents often cite genetics and diet when it comes to their baby’s risk for Celiac Disease. But experts in Sweden say something else may be a determining factor.

Out of a recent study of over 350,000 Swedish babies, those born in the summer season faced a small increased risk of later developing CD.

The increased risk was minor (less than 2 percent), but doctors found that children born in the summer months are likely to be introduced to gluten during the winter season, when viral infections are more frequent.

Another concern is the low level of vitamin D that pregnant women were exposed to during their baby’s main fetal development during the winter. Summer babies also lack exposure to sunlight during the time of gluten introduction in the winter.

Because the increased risk for CD is so small, doctors say there is no reason for parents expecting this summer to be concerned. But it’s important to keep factors like viral infections and exposure to sunlight in mind, no matter what season you’re expecting.

Read more about the study now at: http://adc.bmj.com/content/98/1/48.abstract

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