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Sep.28, 2012

Chatter Continues on Gluten-Free as a Fad Diet

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There has been so much chatter about the gluten-free diet as a fad diet and as more celebrities jump on the gluten-free bandwagon, more controversy arises over whether or not it’s a healthy way of life. For people living with celiac disease, the gluten-free diet is not a fad.  It is a diet that is medically necessary for many people to be healthy who cannot digest gluten. It’s the only treatment for the autoimmune disease. This week, the Star Tribune again adressed the ongoing debate.

There have been many diet fads throughout the years, one being the low-no fat diet of the 90′s followed by the high protein, high fat diet of the Atkins era and others such as the South Beach Diet and the Zone diet.  The gluten-free diet falls into none of those categories.

Eating gluten-free can be a great way to stay healthy and generally eat less carbs and processed foods if you are sticking to naturally gluten-free items like vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and fish.  However a cookie is still a cookie whether it is gluten-free or not so it is not necessarily a “healthier” cookie or meant to assist with weight loss.

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Sep.26, 2012

Celiac Disease and Your Bones

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Check out this great video posted by WebMD about Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.  Osteopenia is a condition in which people have low bone density.  If you are in your 30′s, then the fact is that you have made as much bone as you can make for your body.  Doctors can now measure your bone density and give you a score which could diagnose you with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia.

Many people with celiac disease have issues with calcium and bone density because of the lack of absorption of nutrients. Check out the video and talk to your doctor about your bone health.

See the video here:

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Sep.25, 2012

Huffington Post Points Out Myths Surrounding Gluten-Free Diets

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There are several myths and  a myriad of controversies surrounding the gluten-free diet — many of which are perpetrated by celebrities and fad dieters who decide to go gluten-free.  While it is fantastic that they are bringing awareness to gluten-free products, they are also touting the diet as a weight loss tool which it is not necessarily the right choice.

Many people who have Celiac Disease actually gain weight when they start the diet because their bodies are finally able to process food properly.  For people without Celiac switching a regular cookie for a gluten-free cookie is not any healthier – a cookie is still a cookie however tasty they may by.

However if you cut out gluten and don’t get any processed replacements then the diet can be quite healthy as it focuses on naturally gluten-free items like fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meats and fish.  Ancient grains like quinoa that are packed with a healthy protein punch are a great addition to the diet.

Read more on this and other diet myths from the Huffington Post here:

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Sep.24, 2012

Debate Heats Up Over GMOs. What Do You Think?

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Some people blame the recent rise in Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance on genetically modified wheat, which has a higher gluten content and in turn makes it more difficult for our bodies to digest.

Right now the fight over GMO’s is heating up as California prepares to vote on Prop 37.  Prop 37 would require labeling on raw or processed foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients.  It would also heavily restrict what foods could be defined as “natural” and allow individuals to file lawsuits against manufacturers, farmers, distributors, and others they may suspect of violating the law.

What do you think about Prop 37 and GMO’s?

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Sep.20, 2012

How Did You Celebrate Celiac Disease Awareness Day?

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How did you celebrate Celiac Awareness Day?  If you or someone you know is affected by Celiac Disease, non-celiac gluten-sensitivity or a wheat allergy, then you should check out some of these great resources put together by the Leech Lake Tribal College Library.

There are websites with medical information on Celiac Disease as well as resources for home cooks with recipes and shopping tips.

Be sure to try all the delicious recipes and share your own!

Read more and visit all of the resources here:

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Sep.14, 2012

Huffington Post Talks About Celiac with Dr. Fasano and Dr. Leffler

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Check out this great interview from the Huffington Post with Drs. Alessio Fasano and Daniel Leffler.  Here they discuss the differences between Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance and testing for both conditions.

It’s great to see the differences of these two conditions broken down so thoroughly by medical professionals in such a highly read publication.  In short, Leffler says that, “celiac disease is an immune-mediated disease triggered by gluten, which results in significant inflammation and damage to the small intestine as well as formation of antibodies, which can attack tissues in your body. Gluten sensitivity is a disorder where people have symptoms related to gluten exposure that may be indistinguishable from celiac disease but does not damage the intestine or result in abnormal antibody production.”

Read more of what the doctors have to say:

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Sep.13, 2012

Should Celebrities Endorse a Gluten-Free Diet?

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There are some celiac disease support groups questioning whether or not it is helpful for the gluten-free community to have celebrities endorsing the diet as a weight loss diet or fitness regimen.  People are concerned that the boom in gluten-free sales will fade and the diet will drift into obscurity as a fad similar to Atkins.

However the gluten-free diet is necessary for life saving reasons for people with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten intolerance.  This is the important thing to remember in the controversy about celebrities.  However people may choose to use a gluten-free diet be it for eliminating processed foods and GMO’s or because it just makes you feel better the diet has staying power because it truly means something to the 1:133 individuals diagnosed with Celiac.

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Sep.12, 2012

Changes to Food Subsidy Laws in Ireland Could Negatively Affect Celiac Disease Patients

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The Health Services commission in Ireland has cut gluten-free foods from a health insurance discount that patients with celiac disease were previously receiving.  People with the autoimmune condition will now have to pay full price for gluten-free flours and breads which in Ireland can cost up to four times more than regular products.

Studies have shown that cost is a major factor in people following a gluten-free diet and Richelle Flanagan, President of the INDI says in Waterford Today that, “The likelihood is that people with coeliac disease will find that an increase in cost will reduce their ability to comply with the diet, leading to more symptoms and ultimately resulting in more GP and hospital visits and more cost to the system.”

Read more about the struggle in Ireland here:

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Sep.11, 2012

Bob’s Red Mill Helps Hospitals, Schools and Restaurants Set Up Gluten-Free Protocols

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Check out the new guide to gluten-free from Bob’s Redmill!  The guide offers assistance to hospitals, schools, universities, and restaurants looking to set up safe, gluten-free, commercial kitchens.

It will provide advice on how to avoid cross-contamination, selecting food and ingredients, and gluten-free storage.  Dennis Gilliam, vice president of sales and marketing at Bob’s Red Mill says that, “As more and more commercial outlets begin to offer gluten free choices, we are looking to share with them knowledge that we’ve gained over the past 30 years.”

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Sep.07, 2012

Celiac Disease Research Continues with a Look at Interferon Secreting T Cells

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Great News! It seems like nearly every week there is more research underway on the science of celiac disease. This week, researchers have discovered that interferon secreting T cells reactive to gluten can be detected in the peripheral blood of people with treated coeliac disease.  However they set out to discover how cells react to gluten after it being introduced back into the diet.

The researchers are from the Institute of Food Sciences-CNR, Avellino Department of Paediatrics and European Laboratory for the Investigation of Food-Induced Diseases, University of Naples, Naples, Italy. Their findings confirmed that the short wheat challenge is a non-invasive approach to investigate the gluten-related immune response in peripheral blood of subjects intolerant to gluten. Furthermore, the in-vivo procedure can be reproduced in the same subject after a gluten wash-out of at least 3 months.

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