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Aug.31, 2012

New Study Looks at Nutritional Properties of Buckwheat

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Just got some great news about buckwheat flour!  According to Italian researchers from the University of Milan buckwheat flour can significantly increase nutritional value and textural qualities in gluten-free breads.

Many gluten-free products are based on pure starches which aren’t quite so healthy.  Buckwheat, along with other ancient grains such as quinoa and amaranth are excellent to cook with and can be great flour alternatives. And, they’re naturally gluten-free.

Read more about the research now at:

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Aug.30, 2012

Research Looks at Celiac Disease and BMI

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New research sheds light on the relationship between your Body Mass Index (BMI) and being diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Researchers studied 698 adults who were newly diagnosed with the autoimmune condition and look at how their BMI was affected by the switch to a gluten-free diet.

The findings were largely positive as the study data showed that 4% of patients were underweight at celiac diagnosis, 57% were normal weight, 28% were overweight and 11% were obese.

However once on a gluten-free diet, 69% of underweight patients gained weight, while 18% of overweight and 42% of obese patients lost weight. BMI remained stable for the other patients.

Read more in this report from at:–/Page1.html

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Aug.29, 2012

Could Pig Parasites Help Control Autoimmune Diseases?

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An interesting thought….If swallowing pig parasites would help your autoimmune disorder would you do it?  A team at Coronado Biosciences Inc. is betting on the theory that people living in developed countries have become “too clean” and that organisms such as bacteria and worms are needed to train the body’s immune system to recognize and fight disease.

Researchers believe that pig parasites may be able to moderate a patient’s immune system and prevent it from attacking the body’s own tissue and organs.  However, the new treatment could have trouble gaining acceptance since people could be grossed out by the idea of swallowing parasites. Eeeww?

However, the study has shown initial positive results in clinical trials with Multiple Sclerosis patients and more results are expected to be released in the next year.

What do you think of the treatment?  Read more:

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Aug.28, 2012

Preventing Confusion of Gluten-Related Disorders

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Even though “gluten-free” has become mainstream terminology people are still confused over what “Celiac Disease” is specifically and what other gluten-related conditions are.

Celiac Disease is a genetic autoimmune condition in which your body cannot digest gluten and can cause serious damage to the small intestine if ingested.  A non-Celiac gluten sensitive person may exhibit many of the same symptoms of Celiac Disease but does not have a genetic predisposition for it or experience intestineal damage when eating gluten.

There are also a great many people who just claim that not eating gluten makes them feel better!  In short see your doctor about getting tested and before going on any extreme diet plan.

Read more about the differences from at:

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Aug.24, 2012

Gluten-Free InfoGraphic Sheds Light on Growth of Industry

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How many people really suffer from food allergies?  A new infographic by “fooducate” seeks to answer that question for the United States.

The data suggests that with 3 million Americans diagnosed as Celiac and another 15 million as gluten intolerant that there are 18 million people requirin a gluten-free diet!  This would mean that by 2015 sales of gluten-free products would reach a whopping projected $5 billion dollars and that if gluten-free were a state it would be the 5th most populous, right after Florida!

They also estimate that around 30-50 million people are lactose intolerant and 4 million have shellfish and peanut allergies.

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Aug.23, 2012

Gluten-Free and Still Grumpy?

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So you’ve been diagnosed with Celiac Disease  and have gone on a gluten-free diet. You’re eliminating all forms of gluten (or so you think), but you still don’t feel well.  Despite keeping a strict gluten-free diet, some people can still feel sick or uncomfortable due to the many factors including unforeseen cross contamination, other allergens or potentially misleading food labels.

To help prevent any cross contamination, make sure that when you dine at a restaurant,  your gluten-free items are not prepared next to where regular items are so no accidental gluten ends up in your dish.  Also, be sure to read labels and check that your favorite gluten-free items aren’t made in a facility that also processes wheat products on the same equipment as the gluten-free ones.  And, if they are made in a shared facility, speak to the company about how they ensure the items are not cross contaminated.

Read about other possible reasons you could be gluten-free and still sick here:

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Aug.21, 2012

Lady Gaga Goes Gluten-Free for Weight Loss

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Mega Superstar Lady Gaga has announced that she is about to begin a gluten-free diet!  The louder than life singer is about to begin her gluten-free journey in what she calls a “major body glitz” to lose weight and gain more energy.

She has reportedly instructed her staff to make sure all of her food and snacks before her shows are gluten-free. Additionally, sources report that Lady Gaga will limit her diet to fresh fruits, vegetables, chicken and fish and only consume one portion of potatoes or rice per week. So, she’ll be doing the gluten-free diet almost entirely the natural way.

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Aug.20, 2012

Indigestion Levels at All Time High

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Our nation has more collective indigestion than ever before with many people claiming food intolerance to different culprits such as gluten, dairy and fructose.

According to a report printed in U.S. News, food engineering has increased the gluten in wheat from 4 percent to about 14 percent.  There are also a lot more preservatives and chemicals in foods which can lead to confusion over what exactly is creating our digestive difficulties.

If you suspect you have an intolerance, one idea is to keep a detailed journal of what you eat at meal times and your corresponding symptoms.  Then bring the journal to your doctor to see if they can determine what might be the cause. Remember, it’s very important to get tested before changing your diet.

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Aug.16, 2012

Celiac Disease and Pregnancy: One Woman’s Story

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Check out this article on one woman’s pregnant journey!  Melissa Schools talks about eating gluten-free and learning that 3 of her 4 sons are gluten intolerant.

It wasn’t until her fourth pregnancy that Schools realized that gluten could pass through breast milk and she could be giving gluten to her son unknowingly.  She has since realized and now keeps a 100% gluten-free diet.

Schools says, “With a host of pregnancy complications women deal with and the general increase in obesity in America, I think it’s important to share the benefits of strength training in exercise and eating a gluten free diet. ”

Read more about her story at:

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Aug.15, 2012

Some Suggest Lowering the Cost of Healthy Foods

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Are you concerned with the price of gluten-free foods? Lately some lobbyists are arguing that instead of adding taxes onto unhealthy foods, we should simply lower the cost of healthy foods, which already have a high price attached to them.

One Israeli lobbyist suggests that tackling obesity and other dietary related diseases means making healthy food more accessible to more people and encouraging people to lead healthier lifestyles.

What do you think? Read more about the topic at:

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